That’s Me! In the lululemon Window…


A few weeks ago lululemon invited me to do a few yoga demos in their store window. Of course I agreed! So, for the past two Saturdays after teaching two packed classes at Land, I hopped over to their new location on 75th Street and Broadway. Everyone over there is so super nice…They set out a snazzy  mat right in their front window and invited me to ‘do my thing.’ It’s pretty strange to practice in front of a busy section of Broadway, in front of what seems like the entire world, but once I got the hang of it I actually really enjoyed! I even had a little audience at times. Hopefully my work helped inspire a few people to being an Ashtanga Yoga practice.

Here are a few pictures from my time in the windows:

Sapta, navasana! 1/19/13
jump through
jumping through to a seated pose. 1/19/13
One of the lulu girls asked if I could demo this, her favorite pose, called Titibasana, or Firefly! 1/26/13
marichyasana D
Marichyasana D, a twist from Primary Series. 1/26/13

Stay tuned for some more exciting new about lululemon coming in March! Until then enjoy the pics and keep practicing 🙂