Dana has been my private pilates instructor for the last three years. She’s an extremely loving and beautiful teacher both inside and out. She challenges, motivates and her worldly knowledge about the health and fitness industry is very moving. She’s very passionate about her teachings and the fitness industry benefits tremendously by inspired professionals like Dana. I am proud to have Dana as my pilates instructor.

– Nipa
Talent Agent/Yoga Instructor



I’ve been going to Dana for weekly personal Pilates instruction for years now. I look forward to our sessions every week, which is not something I can say about all aspects of my exercise regimen! Dana always comes prepared with a diverse and evolving set of exercises that are tailored to my specific needs, never feel monotonous, and are persistently challenging without being intimidating. Since she knows I also do yoga (and has instructed both myself and my husband in yoga as well!), Dana fits a degree of yoga instruction into our sessions, which I appreciate. Most of all, she is a delightful person to spend time with — encouraging, non-judgmental, relatable and cheerful.

– Jess
TV Producer



Dana has been my private yoga instructor for two years. Prior to working with Dana I had a beginner’s experience with yoga.  Now, two years later, I am hooked and absolutely in love with Ashtanga yoga! Dana’s approach is very caring, encouraging and rooted in true expertise. Dana is the real deal.  I admire her dedication to yoga which results in her traveling to India annually to deepen her own practice .  Emotionally and physically I am in the best shape of my life – all thanks to Dana…

– Paula
Property Manager



 Dana is the awesomest yoga teacher. She’s friendly and energetic and non-judgmental, so you can go to her no matter how out of practice you are. I go to her regularly, and she knows my habits and needs. I always feel totally comfortable with her.

– Allie
Elementary School Teacher