The Yogic Worldview 2.0

The Yogic Worldview 2.0 is an exploration of the second Padā, or chapter, of Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtra. This online course will continue to unpack the yogic philosophy presented in my previous workshops The Yogic Worldview and The Yogic Worldview 1.0, although these are absolutely not a prerequisite for attendance. Join a community of practitioners in translating, chanting, discussing and putting into practice the ideas of the yogic method. Virtual classes meet one Saturday per month in March – June. July will be a month of self practice of the methods and concepts explored through weekly emailed prompts, and the final session will meet in August. Use the PayPal button below to sign up. Once registered details for Zoom and suggested readings will be shared via email closer to the start of the course. Please contact me with any questions or to apply for the scholarship spot.

* Email Dana to apply for a scholarship.