Class Descriptions

Mysore Ashtanga

Mysore Ashtanga takes its name from the city in South India where Sri K. Patthabi Jois, guru of Ashtanga Yoga, lived and taught the practice for many years. In a Mysore class students can enter the room at any time during the given time slot (as long as they leave enough time to complete practice, as recommended by a teacher or studio director) and move through the series at their own pace, memorizing the practice and adding on new postures only when ready. Each student, though in a group setting, is taught individually. Special attention is given to learning the breathing technique. This class is appropriate for all levels.

Led Ashtanga Beginner

This group class begins with instruction on correct breathing and focus points of the Ashtanga Method, and then works to integrate proper breathing with movement. We will learn Sun Salutations and the standing postures of the Primary Series, taking time to explore the alignment and subtleties of each pose. If needed the teacher will offer modifications. We may also explore the first seated postures, time permitting, and will finish with the final three closing postures. This class is a wonderful staring place for beginners or for anyone looking to slow down and get back to basics.

Led Ashtanga Beginner Plus

This group class first reviews the breathing technique and focus points of the Ashtanga Method and then flows through Sun Salutations and the standing postures of the Primary Series. We will also explore the first seated series postures taking time to break down the technique of the seated transitions, and, time permitting, introduce some of the additional closing postures. This class is a great place for students of all levels with some yoga experience.

Led Ashtanga (Open Level)

This group class flows through the first part of the Primary Series working with the needs of the group up until around the “Half Primary,” point, introduces more Sanskrit counting and more of the finishing series postures. It is open to students of all levels with yoga experience.

Led Ashtanga Primary Series (Intermediate/Advanced Level)

This exhilarating group class moves through the entire Primary Series with the traditional vinyasas counted in Sanskrit. Traditional Sanskrit mantras open and close the practice, and the focus is on pacing and mastering the more challenging postures in a safe setting. This class is appropriate for Ashtanga practitioners or drop in students with yoga experience, it is not appropriate for beginners.*

*Students with an existing Ashtanga practice have the option to move with the group until “Half Primary” (or their “last posture”) and then begin their finishing series, take rest and leave the class early. This allows newer students who might not be ready to attempt all of the postures to attend. If interested, please ask your teacher for details.

Vinyasa All Levels

This class is intended for yoga students of all levels from beginner to advanced.  Flows are designed to build focus, strength and flexibility with modifications for beginners and peak poses for more experienced practitioners.

Power Flow

This group class explores flows designed to challenge focus, strength and flexibility. This fast-paced class is appropriate for experienced yoga practitioners.

Pilates  Classes: Beginner, Open Level and Intermediate Reformer, Ladder (Tower and/or Wunda Chair)

This small group class spends time on the Pilates Reformer and/or the Ladder (Tower) and Wunda Chair. We move through a unique mix of spinal articulations, abdominal strengthening, leg, arm, back and gluteus work. Students will leave feeling lengthened and strengthened. New students should take Beginner Level, experienced students can take Intermediate and all levels are welcome in the Open class.